Malluable offers personalized life coaching services to highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners, who are looking to take the next steps in their career.
The company name is a play on the word malleable, depicting the ‘malleable’ characteristic of metal that can be molded into a better version of itself. The client wanted me to incorporate gold in the logo.  
During my initial study of the client brief and deeper research into life coaching, I explored the letter M and the possibility of using it in a unique way for this brand. The ascending and descending points of the letter M would represent the continuous pathway of the clients career.​​​​​​​
I worked with the structure of the letter M in a way that would depict the fluidity and malleability of gold as a metal. Two logo concepts were looked into more deeply with an exploration of color, in order to pick the final logo. ​​​​​​​
A unique and distinct logo mark was developed that could be used in various applications. 
A serif font was chosen to depict the high end image of the brand, as well as to bring out the contrast contrast between the fluid logo mark and the logo type. 
I chose a rich bottle green as a brand color. Green depicts growth and abundance and the deep green brings out the gold highlights in the logo mark. 
Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop
This personal Logo and Branding project is a part of Lindsay Marsh's course: Graphic Design Masterclass 

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